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Naga Magnetic Glass Boards

Naga magnetic glass boards are as beautiful as they are functional. Here’s everything you need to know about the Naga brand of white boards and business equipment.

Naga magnetic glass boards: what makes them so special?Naga Magnetic Glass Board

Naga magnetic glass boards are beautiful, simple, functional and sustainable - the highlight of any interior. With so many decades perfecting their designs, it’s little wonder that Naga’s boards are some of the best on the market. Today we’re going to do a deep dive into Naga: who they are, what they produce and what makes their products so special.

The Naga story

Naga has been designing beautiful, functional notice boards since 1977. The name - an abbreviation of the Danish words for “nature” and “gift” - draws inspiration from the materials the boards are made of.

Founded by Erik Stoltenberg, the company’s first products were traditional cork and hessian notice boards with wood frames. It wasn’t until 2007 that the company shifted its focus to glass boards.

Glass white boards, being more durable and sustainable, saw the company’s ethos properly realised.

In 2008, Naga was sold to Allan Petersen and Anne-Kari Fischer. The pair still helm the business today. Under their watch, the Naga product range expanded to include magnetic glass white boards and accessories in a range of colours and sizes.

The products weren’t the only thing to get an overhaul under the new management. The company logo, packaging and branding were all redrafted, strengthening the company’s global presence.

In 2017 we saw the introduction of Naga Business: Danish design for your workplace,  series of products aimed at streamlining the use of glass boards in offices, meeting rooms, conferences and hotels.

Today, Naga is one of the leading brands of glass white boards, producing multi-use, quality products that are a boon to any working environment.

What makes Naga white boards so special?

Naga has made it their business to produce top-of-the-line glass white boards specifically designed for use in offices and workplaces. This dedication to specialty is what makes their boards so unique. With a Naga glass white board, you’re not just buying a white board, you’re buying a tool designed to streamline your workplace processes.

You’re also getting:

Naga Nord Magnetic Glass BoardThe elegance of Scandinavian design

When you think “Scandinavian design” it’s difficult not to bring up IKEA, the homewares and furnishing monolith that brought Nordic design principles into global households. But it might interest you to know that Scandinavian design goes beyond the flat-pack king.

As a design movement, Scandinavian design emerged in the early 20th-century. Characterised by simplicity, functionality and minimalism, it flourished in the five Nordic countries - Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Sweden and Norway - before becoming a global movement. Today, we see the influence of Scandinavian design in everything from homes to office interiors.

The Naga range of products perfectly encapsulates the principles of Scandinavian design. They’re sleek, versatile and functional with a focus on natural, hard-wearing materials. Their glass white boards, in particular, are built as much for hard use as for style. It’s this marriage of form and function that makes Scandinavian design principles so universal - a handy thing when buying a product with a lifetime warranty!

Sustainable, durable products

Glass white boards are the Rolls-Royce of white boards. Made of tempered glass, they’re the most durable on the market making them an incredibly sound investment. They don’t scratch, rust or dent, making them ideal for use in high-traffic areas or as mobile glass boards. Glass boards are also non-porous, so they don’t wear, stain or ghost — all major issues with traditional white boards.

As for maintenance? Glass white boards are the easiest of all kinds to clean and use. They stand up to repeated, heavy use with only a quick wipe-down required between brainstorming sessions.

A Naga glass white board comes with a lifetime warranty and for good reason: with minimal maintenance, a Naga glass board will be the last white board you ever need to buy.

A style to suit every occasion

Naga understands the importance of aesthetics. With a design ethos steeped in Scandinavian design principles, it’s hard not to prioritise the look and feel of a product. No more boring white boards. Naga boards can perfectly match your brand colours, office decor and personal aesthetic.Naga Magnetic Glass Board

A notice board and white board in one

Scandinavian design also prioritises multi-functionality in its products. Of course, Naga has taken this principle to heart. Naga boards aren’t just white boards, they can also act as the office or home notice board. The trick? Magnetism.

Naga glass white boards can also be magnetic, so all it takes is the use of a “rare earth” magnet to turn your white board from traditional meeting minutes to a multi-purpose notice board.

A focus on ease of use

The Naga ethos of “Danish design for your workplace” isn’t just a range of products, it’s also inherent in the  brand. Naga makes it their business to ensure your business has the tools it needs to run smoothly. That tool? A multi-purpose, glass white board.

The Naga range includes wall-mounted boards in almost every shape, colour and size to suit whatever use is required of them. Naga also makes mobile glass white boards for use in offices, hotels, conferences and roadshows.

Whatever the product, Naga has prioritised functionality and that focus is just one of the many things that make these boards unique.

The Naga range

Here at JustBoards we have an eye for quality, so naturally Naga magnetic glass boards caught our attention. Our range of Naga products offers a modern take on the traditional white board.

Naga Coloured Magnetic Glass Boards

Naga coloured magnetic glass boards are rectangular write-on/wipe-off white boards in a range of colours to suit any interior. They come in multiple sizes:

●  450mm x 450mm (18 colours)

●  400mm x 600mm (11 colours)

●  600mm x 800mm (8 colours)

●  1000mm x 1000mm (8 colours)

●  2000mm x 1000mm (light blue only)

Any board purchase includes one marker and two “rare earth” magnets. All screws, plugs and drilling templates are also supplied.

Naga Nord Magnetic Circle Glass Boards

Naga Nord magnetic circle glass boards are a more visually interesting take on the traditional rectangular white board. Available in a range of natural tones inspired by nature, they retain the ease of cleaning and use that make their rectangular counterparts so great.

These boards are available in a selection of sizes:Naga Nord Magnetic Glass Board

●  100mm

●  350mm

●  450mm

●  1000mm

Naga Planners

Naga planners are part of the Naga Business range. These boards are designed to make weekly or monthly planning a breeze with specially segmented templates printed permanently on the glass.

They come in four sizes:

●  450mm x 450mm  (white only)

●  400mm x 600mm (black, white or coloured)

●  800mm x 600mm (mix of blue and green)

●  1200mm x 900mm (coloured)

Each purchase includes two markers and two “rare earth” magnets.

Naga Mobile Glass Board

Naga mobile glass boards are a way to take the quality and versatility of a glass white board on the road. Consisting of a double-sided Starphire white glass board mounted on a black metal stand, these boards are the stars of the Naga Business range.

Sized at 1200mm wide and 2050mm high, the board has easy write-on/wipe-off functionality as well as a built-in pen tray and storage compartment. If yours is a business that thrives on the road, then you can’t go past these boards.

Naga Signage Boards

Naga signage boards come in two variations:

●  The magnetic world map: a glass board with a printed decal of a world map as standard

●  The blackboard: sized at 800mm x 600mm with a pine frame

Naga Hooks

Naga Magnetic Glass Board HooksNaga hooks are Naga’s answer to hanging solutions. Each glass/terrazzo circle can be written on with easy-write on/wipe-off functionality as standard. They’re super strong and magnetic, making them ideal for use with the Naga magnetic glass boards.

Naga magnetic glass white boards add sophistication to any interior

Simple, versatile and sustainable, Naga magnetic glass white boards have taken Scandinavian design principles to heart.

Want to see more Naga products? JustBoards has you covered.

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