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Moving Forward In A Fast Changing, Uncertain World

We’re all feeling the strain right now…

Living in a world where so much is happening so quickly can be extremely overwhelming.

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic gnaws away at our sense of well-being. And the measures the government is taking to try to control the menace - lockdown laws, self-isolation, travel bans - elevates our levels of stress and anxiety.

Especially for business owners…

In such unprecedented times, when we’re all facing what can easily be described as the biggest global crisis in our lifetime, you face a myriad of difficult issues and even more difficult decisions…

Decisions that can and will have a tremendous impact not only on you, but also on your family and the people who work for you and with you.Porcelain Whiteboard LX Frame

So when it comes to moving forward in this disconcerting current environment, what is the right thing to do, particularly when it comes to taking advantage of government stimulus packages and tax write-offs?

The first thing to do is to look at what has happened in the past. There’s an old saying, “Those that do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” 

And if there is one common mistake that business owners have historically made in a crisis, it’s making financial decisions based on their fight or flight response.

The fight or flight response is an automatic physiological response to any situation or event that is seen as stressful - and the coronavirus (COVID-19) certainly qualifies. 

This reaction is part of our evolutionary adaptations, to enhance our prospects of survival when faced by a threat.

If your physiological reaction is to fight when facing this threat to your business, panic may make you want to act immediately to combat the threat, without taking the time to give due consideration to all the relevant factors. 

On the other hand, high levels of stress can make you want to avoid dealing with this threat to your business altogether. While it’s unlikely someone would physically flee in these circumstances, your mind can certainly keep your problems at arm’s length.

In ‘running away’ from this threat, either no decisions are made or they are made far too late and the resulting inaction can often cause worse repercussions than a hasty decision does. 

Porcelain Whiteboard LX Frame

So, what to do when benefits like the $150K immediate tax write-off are available? The answer is to carefully consider which rock solid, ‘blue chip’ options are available.

You obviously want to avoid stress, so you’re looking for options that are stress-free because they are risk-free. Options that offer a great ROI, that have obvious long-term benefits.

One option you should look at, that meets all these requirements and more, is buying a porcelain whiteboard from the Whiteboard Wizard.

And why is a Porcelain Whiteboard a good option?

1.You Will Defuse Your Fear

Let’s face it, everyone in society is worried about the coronavirus (COVID-19). Which is completely normal and understandable. 

But business owners have an additional fear to contend with - the fear that they will not take full advantage of the available government stimulus packages and tax write-offs. 

You can defuse the fear by not allowing your fight or flight response to influence your spending decisions, by not letting the situation panic you into making a hasty decision or paralyse you into making one too late or not at all. 

Calmly look at making purchases that aren’t influenced by fear, but rather by sound business principles - like a Porcelain Whiteboard from the Whiteboard Wizard at JustBoards. 

2.You Will Be Making A Sound Financial Decision

Staying calm during a decision making process is only the first step. It’s also important to have all the required information in order to make an informed decision that will bring you the best possible outcomes.

You’ll then be in a position to make sound financial decisions that are essentially risk-free, and purchase items with long life and low-maintenance, items like a porcelain whiteboard. 

And who should you buy your whiteboard from?

Ask the Wizard, the Whiteboard Wizard.(aka Greg Appleby from JustBoards.com.au)

There is no smarter choice in these frantic times than Porcelain whiteboards with a warranty of 25 years and the best customer service available in the marketplace today.

See the Wizard for all your whiteboard needs! 

Looking for Australia’s best when it comes to whiteboards? Then look no further. You can count on the Whiteboard Wizard at JustBoards to meet all of your whiteboard requirements. 

For Australia wide delivery, competitive prices and outstanding customer service, call us now on 1800 654 917. Or email us at: info@justboards.com.au


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