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Portable Whiteboard

Portable whiteboards are versatile, attractive and handy. Here’s everything you need to know about portable whiteboards.

Portable whiteboards - making office and classroom life easy

Portable whiteboards are a versatile option for those shopping for a new whiteboard. With all the upsides of a traditional board coupled with the ease of mobility, it’s little wonder that these boards are a sought-after purchase.

Here’s everything you need to know about portable whiteboards:Combo Portable Whiteboard

1.  what they are

2.  why they’re great

3.  what sort you should invest in yourself.

It’s all here, so keep reading.

What is a portable whiteboard?

A portable whiteboard is as the name suggests: a whiteboard that can be moved easily from location to location. Most mobile whiteboards are mounted on steel frames with wheels. The wheels facilitate movement and give the boards their customary versatility.

Portable whiteboards are used in a range of contexts. From shared office whiteboards to use in temporary premises, mobile whiteboards offer all the benefits of the traditional whiteboard along with extra versatility in movement.

Why choose a portable whiteboard?

Mobile whiteboards are handy to use … and lovely to use. Each model in our range of portable whiteboards is tough and easy to maintain. These qualities make them ideal for life on the road. Here are just some of the reasons you should choose to invest in a mobile whiteboard...

Portable whiteboards facilitate hotdesking

People are working increasingly non-standard hours. This rise of workday flexibility has seen the parallel rise in hotdesking – an office seating system in which workers have no fixed desk. Instead, they all share the desks and working areas based on who needs what and when.

Hotdesking is still a fraught topic when it comes to office productivity but, according to successful entrepreneurs, the positives more than make up for the negatives. Hotdesking sees higher collaboration and lower office space rental - and that’s just for starters.

This change in the way we work affects more than just the humble office desk. Just as workers are becoming more mobile, so too are their office resources. Including — you guessed it — the workplace whiteboard.

Portable whiteboards facilitate hotdesking by being available no matter where you are in the office. This means Mark from the Design Department can use the mobile board at his desk one moment, while Stacey from Accounting can borrow it for an important meeting when he’s done.

A mobile whiteboard will roll (literally) with the needs of those who use it.

They’re great for use in temporary premises

Pop-up offices are a fact of life for many businesses. Whether you’re working out of an admin building on a construction site or taking over a client boardroom for a week, you need resources that can move premises as easily as your team does. Enter portable whiteboards.

Mobile whiteboards are ideal for use in these sorts of temporary settings. They can be shifted from location to location easily while keeping your office environment looking established and professional.

Porcelain Portable WhiteboardThey’re ideal for use in trade shows

Trade shows are a valuable source of lead generation in a lot of industries. They’re also one of the most competitive. You want to ensure you’re presenting as professional a front as you can.

If you need to take a client through an applied example right there in the convention hall, you can do what most do - scribble on the back of your brochure - or you can give them the boardroom experience with a whiteboard.

Investing in one of our quality mobile whiteboards proves to your customers that you don’t settle when it comes to quality. Mobile glass whiteboards, in particular, are the cream of the crop – a valuable calling card for anyone who uses them.

They make your workspace versatile

You wouldn’t brainstorm as a group in your corner office, just as you wouldn’t write out personal notes on the meeting room whiteboard. With a mobile whiteboard, you can have the best of both worlds.

●  Need a social notice board in the office kitchen for the day? Wheel in your mobile whiteboard.

●  Looking to brainstorm the next big idea in a more informal setting? Shift your board on over to the office couches.

●  Need to covert your front-of-house into a group training room for the week? A couple of mobile whiteboards can make any space into a classroom.

The versatility of a mobile whiteboard is limited only by your imagination.

Types of portable whiteboards

Whiteboards can differ quite substantially from each other in construction and quality. Here’s a rundown of the types of whiteboard you’re likely to encounter when shopping for a mobile whiteboard.

Melamine boards

Melamine whiteboards are constructed with resin-infused paper stuck to a substrate, usually particleboard or medium-density fibreboard(MDF). The quality of both resin-paper and substrate vary wildly. We don’t sell the cheaper kinds: they are truly woeful.

Yes, melamine boards are the cheapest whiteboards on the market, and for good reason: they always fail under heavy use. Even those more resistant to staining and ghosting will eventually wear down as the dry-erase surface erodes.

Steel or aluminium boards

Steel or aluminium whiteboards are constructed in three layers:

1.  A metal sheet backing

2.  A base colour

3.  A clear performance layer on top.

Like melamine whiteboards, the quality of steel whiteboards varies. Commercial-grade materials will result in a better product, but any coated surface is susceptible to denting or scratching, particularly if your board is always being moved around.

Porcelain enamel-coated steel boards

Porcelain whiteboards are made up of a steel board with a ceramic coating. This strong exterior coat is fired directly onto the board in a kiln. What results is one of the most durable whiteboards out there.

Highly dent and scratch resistant, porcelain whiteboards typically come with a lifetime warranty. Their toughness is what makes them ideal for use in industrial and classroom settings – both areas in which a board will get a lot of use. They’re also ideal for use as mobile whiteboards, as they’ll weather any accidental bumps or scrapes with ease.Glass Portable Whiteboard

Glass whiteboards

Glass whiteboards are the peak of whiteboards. Made of toughened safety glass, these boards are built for heavy, repeated use – and they have the lifetime warranty to prove it.

Because glass is non-porous, glass boards do not stain or ghost over time. They also don’t wear down – there’s one performance layer and it’s made entirely of toughened glass, a material that will outlast us all. Seriously, glass is said to last 1 MILLION years before decomposing (ha ha, no our warranties are not 1 million years long).

It’s the use of toughened safety glass in these whiteboards that also ensures they don’t scratch. You have to throw an awful lot at a glass whiteboard to damage it.

Because they’re so durable, glass whiteboards are ideal for use as mobile boards. They’ll sail through virtually any accidental scrape, spill or bump completely unharmed.

Glass boards are also some of the best on the market to use and clean. A simple wipe down is enough to reset your mobile whiteboard, ready for the next context in which it’ll find its use.

Which whiteboard should you invest in as your portable board?

Portable whiteboards are typically used quite heavily. Not only are they written on (and cleaned off) frequently, but they’re also prone to rough handling as they’re moved through doorways, into the back of vans, down the stairs and so on as they go from location to location. For this reason, some of the best mobile whiteboards are also the most durable.

For the cream of the crop, you can’t go past glass whiteboards like the JustBoards SPACE Mobile Glassboard. It’s beautiful to use and to look at and can take a fair old knock in the  durability stakes. The toughened glass comes in clear or white variations and it offers double-sided use for extra versatility.

For a tough board with a less imposing price tag, porcelain whiteboards make great mobile whiteboards. The JustBoards Porcelain Mobile Whiteboard features an unrivalled magnetic porcelain surface and comes with a 25-year surface warranty.

For whiteboards that turn the versatility up to 11, the Huddle Mobile Whiteboard and the AGILE Mobile Tablet Whiteboard offer a refreshing take on the traditional whiteboard. The Huddle Mobile Whiteboard features inbuilt shelving while the AGILE Mobile Tablet Whiteboard offers smaller, hand-held tablet boards that can be used in tandem with the standing board.

No matter which board you choose, you can rest assured that JustBoards has stress-tested each one of our offerings, ensuring you’re investing in the very best product for your situation.

Portable whiteboards are a great purchase

Whether you’re looking to facilitate hotdesking or need a board for on the road, a portable whiteboard is a great product to invest in.

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