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Glass Whiteboard/ Glass Board

Reviving Dry Erase Glassboard Markers

Here at Justboards, there’s nothing we wouldn’t do to help our clients.

Whether it’s providing information about the type of material used to make your board, designing a custom-made board, or working out shipping costs (free to all capital cities on orders over $150), we’re always happy to give whatever support is required.

We’re committed to providing the best possible service for issues big and small – even if it’s something as simple as how to revive a dry erase glassboard marker.Glass board Markers

Look, we get it. Not everyone out there is a huge corporation with a multi-million-dollar budget that can throw money around willy nilly.

Some of us live in the real world where we have to look to save the pennies where ever and when ever we can. Why not try to get the most out of a marker, instead of just constantly buying new ones.

So, here are some practical tips on how to best revive your dry erase glassboard markers.

Before I continue, I’m sure some of you are questioning me with, ‘But dry erase markers aren’t the only option for glassboards. What about fluro markers?’.

The beauty of dry erase markers is that you can also use them on whiteboards, which makes them the preferred choice for clients with both types of board.

Also, people tend not to have many problems with fluro markers. So, we’ll be focusing on the dry erase kind.

Tip 1. It’s all about gravity

All dry erase markers initially have a core with a high concentration of ink. The design of the marker means that the ink will flow towards the tip – except for if the tip is pointing upwards.

As a general rule, make sure that you always store your markers tip-down and with the cap fastened securely.

For markers that are starting not to work properly, store them tip-down for at least 24 hours so that you can drive any remaining ink downwards.

Tip 2. Channel your inner cowboy/cowgirl

Ever wanted to twirl a lasso? Well, now you have the opportunity.

Make sure the cap is on tight, and then tape a piece of string to the bottom of the marker and swing it around like a lasso.

But make sure you have enough space around you to do it safely…

Centrifugal force will drive whatever ink is left to the tip of the marker. The number of swings you need depends on how dry the marker is.

Tip 3. Focus on the tip

Obviously, the tip is the contact point between the ink and the glassboard. What is not so obvious is that making changes to the tip can prolong the life of the marker significantly.

Sometimes the end of the tip becomes dried out – and the simple way to fix this is to get a pair of sharp scissors and carefully snip off the end to expose fresh ink.

Another idea is to dip the tip in rubbing alcohol or nail polish. Just cover the marker and briefly store bottom down to let the solvent soak into the tip before using.

Sometimes even dipping the tip in very hot water works. Each of these methods has had success, with the most effective solution depending on the brand of marker.

Glass board MarkerTip 4. It’s not just the marker you need to think about…

This is an example of a call we got recently. It went something like this…

‘Look, I just bought some new markers from you, and they don’t work properly. They’re BRAND NEW.’ How is that possible? I’m very disappointed with this situation. What can you do to help me?’

The first question we always ask in this kind of case is, ‘Have you been using whiteboard cleaner fluid?’

The response is invariably, ‘Yes, we have.’

The problem with using this cleaner fluid is that it can leave a film over the glass, which means that the marker can’t make proper contact with the glass.

Instead of using this fluid, all you need is water or a glass cleaner like Ajax or Windex.

Tip 5. Your solution

The four tips listed above is the information we give our clients when asked. However, if you come up with your own solution to reviving dry erase glassboard markers, just send us an email or give us a call.

We’d love to hear from you!

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