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Magnetic Glass Board

Magnetic glass boards are the ultimate in whiteboards. Here’s everything you need to know about these versatile boards. Read more now.

Magnetic glass boards - the full story

Magnetic glass boards offer just about the best in everything when it comes to whiteboards. They’re simple, beautiful, functional and sustainable. 

This unbeatable combination makes them the highlight of any office interior. With so much going for them, it’s little wonder that magnetic glass boards are the top of the range.

Today we’re going to look at magnetic glass whiteboards in more detail: what they are, how they’re made, and why they’re so very special.

Let’s jump in.

The history of whiteboards

To fully understand how revolutionary magnetic glass boards are, you have to know about the whiteboards that came before. There were quite a few types, including:

●  Enameled steel

●  Melamine

●  Painted steel or aluminium

●  Porcelain enamel-coated steel.

Now, all these types of whiteboards do offer their advantages and drawbacks, it’s just that magnetic glass whiteboards are generally superior.

Enamelled steel boards

Invented in the 1960s, the first whiteboards were made from enamelled steel. These boards were very expensive and quickly fell into disuse once cheaper options became available.

Melamine boards

Melamine whiteboards were another early kind of whiteboard. They’re still very common today ... and are the source of most people’s whiteboard misgivings. They’re made of a resin-infused paper glued to a substrate – typically particle board or medium-density fibreboard (MDF).

The quality of melamine boards varies wildly. However, even the best melamine board is highly susceptible to wear and ghosting over time.

Steel or aluminium boards

Differing from enamelled steel boards, the steel or aluminium boards are whiteboards backed by a metal sheet with a multi-layer coating made up of:

1.  Base colour

2.  A clear performance layer.

Similar to melamine boards in theory, the quality of steel whiteboards is generally much better. High-quality materials will result in a better product, but still, any coated surface is susceptible to dents or scratches. And on a steel board, a scratch will lead to rust.

Porcelain-coated steel boards

Porcelain whiteboards are steel boards with a kind of high-performance ceramic coating. Durable, scratch-resistant and able to handle repeated heavy use, these boards are some of the best on the market.

That said, while porcelain boards are much easier to clean than other, cheaper alternatives, they’ll still “ghost” eventually – a form of staining that occurs from a gradual buildup of marker ink.

So, what is a glass whiteboard?

A glass whiteboard is made of tempered glass making it durable, stain-resistant and incredibly easy to clean. Because glass is non-porous, glass whiteboards just don’t stain or “ghost”. They are the easiest whiteboards to maintain overall. They’re also one of the toughest on the market, specifically because of how the glass is tempered. No dents, no scratches.

What is tempered glass?

Tempered glass - a.k.a. “toughened glass” - is a type of safety glass that has undergone a process to put it under counteracting molecular forces. Through chemical or thermal treatments, the interior of the glass is put into tension while the outer surface goes into compression. With pushing and pulling forces working against each other, the overall pane of glass becomes much tougher .

Tempered glass is hard to break, but if it does it has an added safety feature: rather than breaking into knife-like shards, it shatters into small, pebble-like chunks. These chunks are much safer than the big sharp pieces that traditional glass breaks into.

Due to its safety and strength, tempered glass is used across a wide range of demanding applications. Everything from car windows, to shower doors, to - you guessed it - glass whiteboards are made from tempered glass.

How are tempered glass whiteboards made?

Our tempered glass whiteboards are made through a process called thermal tempering. Thermal tempering involves subjecting glass to an extreme heating process followed by rapid cooling. This extreme temperature change causes the glass surface to compress, resulting in an extremely tough outer surface with a tensioned glass core.

When preparing glass for thermal tempering, it must first be cut to size and edged. Trying to alter tempered glass after the tempering process results in loss of strength and even breakage.

Next, the glass board begins a heat treatment. This involves the glass travelling through a tempering oven where the glass will reach more than 600 degrees Celsius.

Finally, the board is cooled in a process called “quenching”. This is a high-pressure, rapid cooling procedure in which air blasts the surface of the glass. Quenching the glass causes the outer surface to cool much faster than the centre. This  causes the centre of the glass to try to “pull back” from the cooling outer surface. The overall result: the centre of the glass stays in tension and the outer surface stays in compression.

When this pane of glass is used for a whiteboard you get a material that is incredibly durable.

How are tempered glass whiteboards magnetised?

To make the glass board magnetic, a steel sheet coated with a chosen colour is laminated onto the back of a sheet of glass. To be clear here: the glass itself does not have magnetic properties.

Due to the thickness of the glass, our magnetic glass boards require the use of extra-strong rare earth magnets. These special magnets have a deep enough magnetic field to penetrate the 4-6mm glass pane to interact with the steel backing. Ordinary fridge magnets, on the other hand, just can’t manage it.

What makes magnetic glass boards so special?

Magnetic glass boards are relative newcomers to the whiteboard market but they’ve made a splash in the best way.

Where conventional whiteboards rely on dry-erase coatings as a performance layer,  the glass of a magnetic glass whiteboard IS the performance layer. They don’t stain, even after years of heavy use.

With a magnetic glass whiteboard, you’re not just getting a whiteboard, you’re buying a tool designed specifically to streamline your workplace processes.

Sleek, modern design

Magnetic glass boards are a dream to use, but they’re just as good to look at. Made from crystal-clear glass, they’re as beautiful as they are versatile – reminiscent of Scandinavian design principles in the best way.

Magnetic glass boards are sleek, functional, and versatile with a focus on natural, hard-wearing materials. They’re built as much for hard use as for style – a marriage of form and function that makes them truly singular.

A sustainable, durable product

Glass whiteboards are top of the whiteboard tree. Made from tempered glass, they’re the most durable whiteboards available making them an incredibly sound investment. They don’t scratch, dent or rust, making them ideal for use in high-traffic situations or as mobile glass boards.

As for maintenance, magnetic glass boards are the easiest whiteboards to clean and use. They stand up to repeated, heavy use with only a quick wipe-down required between brainstorming sessions.

A noticeboard and whiteboard in one

Our magnetic glass boards are also multi-functional. The magnetism means they can double as a noticeboard.

And it’s not just notes that can benefit from magnetisation. Imagine it: no more losing whiteboard markers to the clutter gods - simply attach a rare earth magnet to the pen and it can stick to the board ready for the next person to use.

Magnetic glass boards - the full story

Magnetic glass boards are some of the most versatile glass whiteboards on the market. Combining the strength and durability of glass whiteboards with the functionality of a noticeboard, our magnetic glass boards are where it’s at.

Our magnetic glass whiteboards even come with a lifetime warranty, and for good reason: with minimal maintenance, a magnetic glass board will be the last whiteboard you ever need to purchase. Until, of course, you realise that while one magnetic glass board is good then two would be even better!

Want to take one of our magnetic glass boards for a spin?

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