Designer Colour Glass Boards- a touch of class
JustBoards GlassBoards ain't just glass boards

Glassboards are ideal for modern communications ..... Offering a stain free writing surface that accepts any standard whiteboard marker.

Erasing is a breeze .... simply use a standart eraser.

The surface also accepts PERMANENT MARKERS which can be cleaned off using our liquid whiteboard cleaner.

Ideal in meeting rooms, breakout areas and especially in formal boardrooms.

Use anywhere communication points demand .... and where style is important.


We prefer the term GlassBoard or Glass Board rather than Glass Whiteboard which ignores the variety of colours available in GlassBoards. Magnetic GlassBoards are often white but black is also extremely popular, practical and elegant.

Non magnetic GlassBoards are available in your choice of any Dulux colour (100 to choose from) and includie the Starphire option which allows very accurate colour matching.

The painted backing is oven baked and blemish free. So  ..... you can now have a completely colour co-ordinated office environment.

Match the colour .. or have something interesting or contrasting.. the choice is yours.